Your bridge to the Digital Economy

Democratizing financial services through digital wallet ecosystems

Doing Well by Doing Good


A wide portfolio of patents has cemented Fintiv´s portfolio of products based on digital wallets and the secure accumulation and exchange of value, whether flat currencies, loyalty, crypto, or other    financial vehicles.


Across a wide range of industries, Fintiv has created many ecosystems that reduce costs, increase revenue and enable smooth transition from Web 2 based fintech to advantages and efficiencies of Web 3  based DeFi systems.


Fintiv enables participation by its strategic partners in consumer and business ecosystems that mutually benefit clients and partners via tailored solutions & products across a wide range of industries and geographies. 


Guided and staffed by industry veterans, visionaries and technologists, Fintiv has both the deep expertise and global experience necessary to lead the industry and its client’s transformation into the Digital Economy.