Fintiv enables legal value movement, including monetary and asset transactions such as fiat & crypto currencies, tokens, loyalty points, and data. Its systems provide proof-of-trust mechanisms for secure interactions, enabling safe value transfers among global ecosystem participants.



The Fundz® brand enables Digital Currencies and Peer to Peer Personal Payments both domestic and cross border.

Fund® is the native digital currency that powers Fintiv’s white label digital wallets ecosystems for partners around the world.


The Cloud Payments® brand enables merchant payment acceptance and Peer to Peer Merchant Payments.

Cloud Payments® optimizes merchant payments via innovative digitization solutions for both fiat and crypto currencies.


The StickyStreet® brand enables Digital Marketing and Peer to Peer Rewards earning and burning.

StickyStreet® increases consumer engagement and facilitates loyalty points exchange, NFT rewards and digital marketplaces.


The Swarm® brand enables Digital Asset Tokenization and Peer to Peer Token Payments.

Swarm® provides DEX and AMM services for token buyers, sellers and liquidity partners.


Realtime Clearinghouse


Fintiv connects the new digital currency world to the existing fiat banking system via patented cash-in capabilities in conjunction with stored value accounts. Utilizing Visa and Mastercards as well as bank accounts via the Automated Clearing House (ACH), Fintiv facilitates the loading of fiat funds into digital wallets and the onramping of fiat currencies into crypto currencies, primarily via stablecoins.

Stored Value Accounting


Fintiv pioneered and continues to specialize in patented stored value accounts and closed loop digital wallet ecosystems for consumers and merchants around the world. Stored value accounts enable users to easily load funds and conduct peer to peer transactions among other consumers, for purchases at merchants and for asset tokenization and loyalty rewards transactions.

Omni Wallet Ledger


In conjunction with stored value accounting, Fintiv provides consumers and merchants with patented omni wallet ledgering which simplifies and streamlines the user experience with the multiple and unlimited wallets that are prevalent in the Digital Economy. From fiat balances to loyalty points and crypto currences to tokenized assets, Fintiv make the user experience safe and easy.



Fintiv is the global leader in white labeled digital wallets for telcos and mobile network operations around the world having deployed ecosystems in more than 35 countries for 18 of 20 leading providers.  As a pioneer in NFC tap & pay wallet  technology and the inventor of the Trusted Services Manager (TSM) system, Fintiv has licensed it’s mobile wallet and cloud infrastructure wallet server solutions to most of the major telcos servicing more than 1.5B subscribers in all corners of the world.


Fintiv understands the stringent regulatory and security demands unique to the financial sector. Through extensive partnerships with financial institutions worldwide, we’ve honed our expertise. Whether you’re a bank, credit union, or payment processor, Fintiv’s robust platform can elevate your mobile capabilities, providing your customers with direct access to a wider array of services from their mobile devices, bridging the challenging void between the Web2 and Web3 ecosystems.


Fintiv has developed innovative and transformative digital wallet payment solutions for many of the world’s top retailers. Fintiv’s payments platform enables a single integration that allows any company to change many of its payments capabilities without having to rewrite apps, focusing instead on better user experiences, lowering costs, increasing revenue and retention. Fintiv’s loyalty platform is enabling customers to easily transition into the DeFi and Web3 retail environment.